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Dimensional objects are false. That is a lie but not exactly. It is a result of perspective that we can see things in the round. Removing dimensionality creates a flatness that is closer to how we perceive objects in the world where we see and experience things more from a screen than in reality. I have created drawings that look at dimensional objects from a flattened perspective for years. The flatness of drawing creates a passage into a falsely dimensional space that creates characters out of line work and layering. This new series of actual objects that are forced into flatness take the real object and remake it into a characterization of itself. These object/characters become individuals based on material, colorization either added or revealed, and line. Through the experimentation and play that happens when collecting and rendering this new body of work flat I am looking at further understanding the ddimensional personality that exists in found objects.

This entire statement might be false but time and experimentation will reveal that.