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Hawaii Volcanoes
The light that I see in the sky is a luminous hot red orange. This particular red which I am seeing is the same as light filtered through skin, blood vessels, and the moistness of my corneas of my closed eyes as I lift my face to catch the radiant light of our yellow sun.  But me eyes are open. The whole sky is red.  The air is cold but the light warms me. I absorb the light as I soak up the summer heat. I exist in a whole new space. An alternate existence. The moment I stepped out of my tent I had shifted one step to the left of my personal timeline.  Perhaps I was finally awake and my whole life had been an elaborate dream.

The light is filtered through at least two separate cloud layers. The high layer is at arctic temperatures so the clouds crystalize and as a result the light is separated into its separate wavelengths. The lower cloud cover is laden with moisture and this captures the yellow, orange, and red so the light that washes across the landscape only has blue green jewel tones. The earth is laden with browns, greens, yellows, and blues. Rare purple and hints of pink-green. Millions of shades of greys. Oh the greys. The unpolluted greys that shine as if lit from within. I feel as if my eyes are completely dilated. I am absorbing everything at an incredible rate. The light and land flows through me and onto me. I become the land.

Everything is ocher. The heat lifts the pigment of the native stone construction and washes it across everything it touches. My eyes can only see ocher and umber. Blues do not exist. The sea holds a suspension of the ocher that leaches from the shores it touches. As night falls the ocher shifts to burnt umber the stars float in soft brown ink. The heat soaks into my skin. I feel soft and pliable like moist clay. I can be anything yet do nothing. I will be anything.